We don’t just say things, we start things
With Words That Sell

Our copywriting solutions are driven by what converts — not outdated ‘guru gimmicks

We’ve been the go-to copywriting partner for over 500 clients worldwide and successfully generated millions in revenue for our clients.

(Yep, our words mean business!)

Are there other freelancers or apps that can crank out content? You bet. But we’re the only agency that combines a powerhouse team of human marketing expertise + innovative AI solutions for the ultimate in high-performance copy.

We’re transparent. No smoke & mirrors here. We tell you our prices and policies upfront. And always let you know the exact copy plan to get the job done. No more, no less.

Unbeatable quality is our thing. We could cue the bragging rights – but our results and client satisfaction speak volumes. With us, you’ve got the best of the best by your side.

We get you. Your niche. Your voice. Your standards for excellence. Your need for copy, when you need it. Done. And done.


Our Mission

To wow clients with high-performing, custom copy that makes eyes pop, jaws drop, and wallets open . . . for that sweet cha-ching! withOUT cringe-worthy “bro copy” strategies.

meet Your



CEO / Founder

Hey there! I’m Anika! Recovering digital agency owner and storytelling savant with 15+ years of experience writing persuasive copy that sells. I’m in my happy place when I’m geeking out on all things wordy and surrounded by the creative female geniuses that make up Moxie! #girlpower

When I’m not charming clients with my wordsmithery skills, you’ll find me playing tea party with my 2-year-old daughter or creating music with my ultra cool music producer husband.



Account Manager

Hi, I’m Mitzi! With over 3 decades of experience in the advertising and entertainment marketing industry, I’m passionate about helping each Moxie client get the copy they need to make their business ROCK. Speaking of rocks, I’m an outdoor enthusiast and Appalachian “Mountain Mama” and Mimi.

I love gardening, camping, and playing in the woods with my sweet dog Ellie.



Copy Chief

Hey! I’m Holly, the Copy Chief and Word Nerd Queen at Moxie. I started publishing professionally when I was 20. Flash forward to hundreds of publications and thousands of copyediting projects to date . . . I’m your go-to girl for making every word count. I learned the art of persuasion at Maryland Law School and the mastery of nonfiction writing at Johns Hopkins University. Sidenote, I’m also a theatre geek and perform as a “patient” in medical simulations.



Senior Copy Editor

Hello! Lysle here, and I hail from Canada. I've been livin' it up in the wild world of copywriting for over 5 years. It all started with a passion for writing and a master's degree in pro communication. Before joining Moxie, I ran all things social media for marketing agencies. Outside of work, I'm a just-for-fun waterskier, always-messy abstract painter, and big-time foodie. (Finding typos in restaurant menus is my go-to party trick!)



Copy Editor

Hey, Robin here! I’m a copyeditor and copywriter with 7+ years of conversion copy experience. As a word nerd from way back, I thrive on helping clients send the right message to gain and retain more right-fit customers. When I’m not working, I enjoy reading, hiking, singing, and spending time with my family (we crush charades & whip up delish cupcakes!).



Social Media Coordinator

Hey there! I’m Nicole, and I create fresh designs and schedule our content posts to keep Moxie’s social media party popping. (Peek our channels for more each month!) When I’m not working, I love to cook for my family and spend time with my two-year-old son. I’m also a big fan of binge-watching medical series — gimme some Grey’s Anatomy and The Resident any day.

Plus . . . we have a secret weapon team of incredibly talented writers!

We only hire the top 5% of applicants and provide ongoing training and mentorship to stay sharp as a tack and deliver exceptional copy every time.

And no, we’re not naming names. #sorrynotsorry

We call dibs cuz they’re that friggin good.

We’re a female-owned and led copywriting agency. Our philosophy is direct response copy & content sells more withOUT resorting to icky, snake-oil tactics.

Ain’t nobody buying into that! (BTW, we do write bro vibes like champs.) But we take a one-size-fits-one approach . . . and we love partnering with clients who feel the same.

Personal Mission

As a faith-based company, it is our mission to glorify God through everything we do. We strive to serve each of our clients with excellence, providing the absolute highest quality of copy, customer service, and care.