January 05, 2023

Your Guide To Sweet Success With Short-Form Videos

Your Guide To Sweet Success With Short-Form Videos

Why You’ll Want ‘Em and How to Create ‘Em

Short-form videos are All. The. Rage.

From TikTok trends to IG reels, you’ve probably noticed viral video clips floating around every social media feed. So what’s with the hype?

Today, we’re dishin’ out the scoop on short-form video content. And as the cherry on top, we’ll also be sharing a few *bonus* tips on how to use those videos in your marketing strategy. So keep reading to get the goods!

First, a few trends behind the trends . . .

Let’s start with some stats. A recent study found that humans process visual cues 60,000 times faster than written text. (Is that mind-melting, or what?!)

Turns out video marketing is unsurprisingly one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. 

You can create all sorts of videos to promote your biz – from product demonstrations and testimonials to sneak peeks behind-the-scenes of your brand. But short-form content, in particular, can be a crazy-powerful marketing tool. 

So it’s not exactly *shocking* that 88% of marketers report a positive ROI from creating short-form videos. They’re easy to make – and even easier to consume and share! (Viral marketing, anyone?)

So what exactly are short-form videos, and how can you use them to increase traffic, generate leads, and grow your brand? Allow us to break down the basics.

Which ingredients make catchy clips . . . well, catchy?

Just like dessert, viral vids provide a lil’ hit of dopamine – making them enjoyable to watch (and easy to binge!). The best-performing ones typically do one of the 3 “E”s: educate, empower, and entertain

Plus, thanks to social media, you can instantly share your clips with an audience as vast as cyberspace itself – boosting that potential virality factor.

Translation? Short-form videos are a top-tier marketing tool. And here’s how you can tap into that promotional superpower . . .

How to use short-form videos in your marketing strategy

Before you start cranking out short-form video content, you’ll want to map out your big-picture plan. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Use ‘em in your social media ads: On the interwebs, people have short attention spans. A five-minute infomercial? *yawn* . . . Long, meandering paragraphs of ad copy to sell a toothbrush? Say it isn’t so! If you want to hook and convert your audience lickety-split, you need short-form vids in your advertising arsenal.
  1. Create a series of clips for your opt-in page: Fact. A series of short-form videos can give your opt-ins a turbo boost. In fact, one study showed that using video content on an opt-in page increased conversions by over 80%. Why? ‘Cuz most people would rather watch a short video than read a long-form sales letter. Obvi.
  1. Reach new audiences with ad targeting on Facebook and Instagram: Meta Ads Manager allows you to track the performance of each video. That way, you can optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your investment. In plain English? Get your clips in front of the crowds most likely to love it – and spread the word!
  1. Include short-form video content in your email marketing campaigns: Looking to add a little down-to-earth authenticity to your brand flavor? Use short-form videos to highlight captivating stories, share client testimonials, or even show off your latest offers. And why not throw in a dash of drama while you’re at it? Everyone loves a good cliffhanger . . . 
  1. Insert a clip (or two!) on each landing page: Showcase your products or services in an engaging way. Short-form video content can help you build trust with potential customers by showing them the human side of your biz. It’s also a great way to pack a punch of personality – and stand out from your competition!
  1. Leverage user-generated content in your short-form video ads: What’s the only thing sweeter than a cost-effective way to produce advertising assets? The delicious level of revenue generated directly from those assets. Ads that feature user-generated content (aka “UGC”) feel different from traditional ads. Unpolished and “organic,” they create a relatable connection with your target audience while also building social proof. So stop shelling out big bucks to hire professional video crews, and start crowdsourcing footage from your fans.

No matter which strategy you run with, keep in mind that short-form videos serve different purposes – depending on the context.

The long-term influence of short-form videos

There’s nothing fleeting about the impact of quick video uploads. These clips can offer a crazy range of benefits for brands big and small.

. . . Ready for a closer look?

Let’s check out a few key ways short-form videos can help your biz succeed: 

Transform web traffic into a rush hour (on the regular!)

Paint this mental picture: you're scrolling through your favorite website and notice an eye-catching clip. Are you more likely to watch it or click away? . . . Most people go nuts for nifty videos. Because humans are naturally drawn to moving visuals, we tend to stick around longer on websites that have them. And when search engines discover that your webpage is a crowd-pleasing hotspot, they’ll send even more peeps to chill there. So if you’re not already using short-form videos on your site, now is the time to start. Adding a single snippet can significantly increase traffic over time.

Generate more high-quality leads

Since people are wayyy more likely to buy from someone they know and trust, having a relatable video on your website can turn up the temp (and volume!) of your leads. Simply include a call-to-action at the end of each clip to encourage viewers to take the next step – whether that’s signing up for your email list or checking out your latest offer. With a good “CTA” (as the cool kids call it on the marketing playground), you're able to turn viewers into warm leads, primed and prepared to convert into paying customers down the road. 

Boost your brand awareness

Last but not least, using short-form videos is one of the sweetest strategies for increasing awareness of your biz. If you can master the art of creating A1 content that resonates with your target audience, guess whose brand those people will remember the next time they need something you happen to offer? *wink* . . . And the best part? If Jack enjoys your video, there's a good chance he’ll share it with his good ol’ pal Jill. Then Jill goes and shows it to her friends and followers. Ta-da! More circulation = more brand exposure = more moola headed your way. You’re welcome.

Bonus scoops! (‘Cuz we’re cool like that.)

Short-form video content comes in a variety of flavors. But if you’re thinkin’ about topping off your marketing sundae with this not-so-secret ingredient, we’ve got a few pointers to keep in mind.

First, quality beats quantity every time. You only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention. So make it count! Keep your content engaging from beginning to end.

Also, consider using subtitles or closed captions to make your videos accessible to everyone.

And finally, don’t forget to close out each clip with a CTA. It’s the money-maker that can make or break your strategy.

Ready to indulge?

No matter how you choose to use them, short-form videos are a delectable way to reach your audience, expand your brand, and crush your revenue goals.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to start sprinkling them into your marketing recipe for success, we suggest starting with a script.

Of course, good scriptwriting takes a certain level of confectionery skill. Luckily, our team of expert copywriters can help you turn that process into a treat. (Minus all the extra calories!)

Order your short-form video script from us today.

We promise, your future viewers will be glad you did.


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