November 03, 2020

3 Email Sequences Every eCommerce Store Needs in Their Marketing Playbook

3 Email Sequences Every eCommerce Store Needs in Their Marketing Playbook

If you’re an eComm marketer or store owner, the channel you have the most control over is email. It’s also, thankfully, one of the BEST ways to generate crazy revenue for your eCommerce store . . . even while you’re sleeping! 

And we didn’t just make that up: According to research by Custora, email drives 19.8% of all purchases on average. 

Even better - unlike ads, email costs don’t rise based on the season, who else gets in the game, or how much competitors spend. 

Plus, once you’ve got the email addresses, you can continue to sell them on how awesome you are at no additional cost. Raise the roof!

The three email sequences every store should have in place to increase sales like wildfire are the opt-in sequence, the win-back sequence, and the abandoned cart sequence. Let’s take a deeper dive . . .

The Opt-in Email Sequence

This is a CORE sequence of three to five emails that’s very powerful because it’s so easy to generate opt-ins with a discount code pop-up. (If you don’t have opt-in driven coupons in place, DO IT NOW because it’s easy money, baby!) 

The second way to get more opt-ins is with a mailing list subscription box on your page. 

The final way people get on your list when they become a customer. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what to include in a winning opt-in sequence: 

Email 1: The Confirmation Email 

The first opt-in is sent immediately, and should ask them to confirm their email address. (Also known as a double opt-in.) 

This step guarantees you aren’t paying for contacts with bad email addresses who will never buy. 

Don’t add extra clutter to this email. Its only job is to confirm their email address. 

So a simple, branded email will do the trick:


Subject Line: Confirmation needed, %FIRSTNAME%


You’re almost done! Click the button below to confirm your email address so we can send you the XX% off coupon code. 

[Confirm My Email]


That’s all there is to it!

Email 2: The Education Email 

The second email is where you’ll welcome your prospective buyer to the fold and let them know what to expect. If you have a coupon code, you can add it again. Send this immediately after they confirm their email. 

Here’s a sample template that educates buyers about your store and why you’re so badass:


Subject Line: Welcome %FIRSTNAME%


Welcome to [your epic store]! We’re so excited to have you here. As promised, here’s your XX% off coupon code good for anything in the store:


We started [your epic store] because we are passionate about helping others with [problem you solve]. We’re proud of our team and stand behind our products, which is why over [number of happy customers] trust [your epic store]. 

Shop Now >>> 


You want to make it as simple as possible, so make sure they have all the info at their fingertips to use their discount.

Email 3: The Product Feature Email 

A third email you could send features either a new product, a best-seller, or something they’ve already shown interest in. Send this one in the first few days after their initial opt-in. 

Want a sample template to get you started? Here you go: 


Subject: Did you see this, %FIRSTNAME%?


That’s right -  for a limited time, [Awesome Product] is BACK in stock! 

Here are Three Reasons you NEED [Awesome Product] right now:

Reason 1: It [benefits - feels super soft, is all-natural, is 3-tools-in-1, . . . ]

Reason 2: Comes in [number] colors 

Reason 3: It’s back in stock for a limited time 

Here’s what [customer name] had to say about [Awesome Product] . . . 


Get it now >>> 


Remember, when they first sign up for your email list is when your customer is most on fire to buy from you. This email will keep you top-of-mind. 

The “Win-Back” Email Sequence

The second sequence eComm store owners must have if they want maximum conversions is the “Win-Back” sequence. This sequence serves to warm up those chilly prospects who haven’t purchased in a while.

Email 1: Special Offer

An easy one to send is a special offer email. The goal is to give potential buyers a reason to open the email, start browsing, and purchase something today. 


Subject: Just for you - XX% OFF


It’s been a while! And we’ve got some AMAZING new products we know you’ll love! 

Check them out now and save XX% on your next purchase when you use code XXX

Browse now >>> 


Email 2: Subscription Benefits Email 

In this email, you’ll reiterate the benefits of shopping with your brand or being on your list. For example, maybe your store is a line of custom, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics. Mention that!

Shine the spotlight on whatever makes your product or service insanely good!

Email 3: Check-In

The third email is a “check-in” email, and it can seem a little scary. Sent as a last resort, this email asks prospects if they want to stay on your email list, reduce the number of emails, or unsubscribe altogether. 

It may seem counterintuitive to have users unsubscribe. But, the reality is that many will want to stay on your list once they realize they might be axed if they don’t respond. And those who don’t open this email aren’t likely to open any others either . . . meaning you are paying for contacts who won’t ever buy. And that’s just bad biz.

The Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

The numbers don’t lie: over 70% of customers end up abandoning their cart. And a good portion of those (42%) is what marketers call, “serial abandoners”; they will always abandon their cart until ready to purchase.2

The good news? Up to half of those frequent cart abandoners will purchase when you simply follow up.

Here’s how to poke those “forgetful” types into finishing what they started:

Email 1: Cart Reminder Email

This cart reminder email should be sent within the first hour after they leave your site. It needs to do three things: 

  1. Remind them about what’s in their cart
  2. Remove any obstacles by sharing testimonials or proof
  3. Make it easy for them to get back to their cart

That’s really it. 


Subject Line: You forgot this . . . 


It looks like you left a few things! 

[Shopping Cart Items]

[Continue Shopping >>]



Email 2: Sweeten the Deal Email 

The second cart reminder email is a “Sweeten the Deal” style email. Here you’ll want to whet their appetite by giving a discount or special offer.


Subject Line: A little extra something just for you . . . 


We noticed you were eyeballing [product]. 

For a limited time, we’re also offering [accessory] with each purchase! Click below to claim yours. 

[Claim Free Gift]



Email 3: Last chance Email 

Finally, the last one to send is a “last chance” email. This email pushes the “FOMO” buttons in your buyer and reminds them that this is the LAST time they might be able to buy. 


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