April 26, 2023

Spice Up Your Copy and Skyrocket Your Sales

Spice Up Your Copy and Skyrocket Your Sales

If your website copy is from the days of dial-up internet or you’re still running Facebook ads from *shudders* five years ago . . . 

It’s time to spice things up!

Marketing trends come and go. As your biz evolves — and you add new services, courses, or consulting packages — you need to revamp your copy. 

We know this task seems . . . daunting. But our copy pros are here to help. 

Moxie has generated millions in revenue for our clients. (For realz, check us out.) We know a thing or three about crafting cutting-edge copy.

3 Sizzling Hot Copywriting Formulas to Spice Up Your Copy

Warm your customers’ hearts AND wallets with this *proven* conversion-boosting copy technique:

1. The Before-After-Bridge Formula 

Crafting DIY conversion copy is not for the faint of heart. You need to know what to say and when to say it. 

This formula is an effective way to grab attention and present your solution. Let’s break it down: 

Before: Address your audience’s pain points – withOUT dragging them into the dumps. Show your audience that you relate to their struggle – while being optimistic enough to suggest they won’t be struggling for long. (Wink wink.)

After: Cut to the happy ending. During this stage, describe what happens AFTER your solution. Emphasize the benefits and demonstrate how your audience will *feel* once their issues are — poof! — gone. 

Bridge: Ta-da! The last step is to bridge your audience from “before” to “after.” Reveal how your audience arrives in greener pastures, which — spoiler alert! — is with your products or services. 

2. AIDA: The *Bold Claim* Hook 

The AIDA copywriting technique can transform looky-loos into dedicated buyers, subscribers, and clients. 

Here’s how it goes: 

Attention: Before your potential clients can start whipping out their wallets, they need to know who you are. Hook your readers with irresistible Facebook ad headlines, email subject lines, and preheader text that compels the reader to check out your offer.

Interest: Capturing your client’s attention is just the beginning. In order to transform those tire-kickers into engaged buyers and subscribers, you need to hold their attention with powerful storytelling and vivid imagery. (Keep them reading line by line!)

Desire: Once you have a) grabbed your audience’s attention and b) managed to keep them around, it’s time to detail the irresistible benefits of your offer. Basically, you want your *clients-to-be* absolutely dumbfounded at how they managed to exist without those game-changing services of yours. 

Action: Nope – it’s not over yet! Here’s where you bring the big guns. AKA: Your oh-so-clickable CTAs, special bonuses, or limited-time offers. (Make it rain!)

3. The Promise-Picture-Proof-Push Approach.

Talk about a tongue twister, huh? For obvious reasons, this copywriting technique is often called the 4P formula. 

Marketers, solopreneurs, and agency owners have been using it for *decades* to catch their casual readers – hook, line & sinker. And now that the cat’s out of the bag: it’ll work for you, too! Here’s how:

Promise: We begin with a good, old-fashioned attention grabber. In other words, you’re crafting a head-turning, jaw-dropping opening line that hooks your audience at hello . . . 

Make sure it reveals what your product or services will DO for them. (Bonus points if it *directly* relieves a pain point.)

Picture: Now, we put on our Bob Ross pants & paint a picture for the readers . . .

No need to worry about those juicy stats and figures here. (We’re saving all that for later.) Instead, use emotive language to hammer home how your mere *presence* in their life transforms it for the better. 

. . . Tug on your audience’s heartstrings & get them to engage with your biz on an emotional level. 

Proof: By this point, your audience’s interest is piqued & their ears are perked. They want a solution and are ready to buy . . . but they need a little sumpin sumpin to convince them why they should buy from you.

Enter those juicy stats and figs. (Ooolala!) 

Your job is to present some ultra-compelling proof that backs up your previous claims like . . . . testimonials case studies, and user-generated content.

Push: Here lies the final step in your marketing master plan. AKA it’s time to present that jaw-dropping, *irresistible* offer of yours. 

If you have any freebies, limited-time offers, or bonuses lingering in your back pocket, now’s the time to dish ‘em out. Essentially, you want to play every card you have to concoct that once-in-a-lifetime offer that they simply cannot refuse.


If you’re struggling with writer’s block, allow us to be your copywriting fairy godmother. 

Need Done-For-You Copy That Sizzles and Sells?

Moxie is one of the best copywriting agencies in the biz. And we just so happen to have an arsenal of *proven* copywriting strategies . . . 

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Classic copywriting formulas are helpful resources for do-it-yourselfers. But if you want world-class copy withOUT the blood, sweat, and tears . . . order your custom copy here.
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