November 03, 2020

Outsourcing Copywriting: How to Make Or Break Your Sales

Outsourcing Copywriting: How to Make Or Break Your Sales

Meet 3 WRONG Writers For Your Business And Discover How to Get It RIGHT

One thing unites businesses across industries . . .  the need for killer copy. Without words that make thumbs stop and eyes light up, there are no sales. 

Think about Facebook, your email inbox, and the websites you visit. How many times have you clicked on something when the words were NOT compelling? Not too often, right?

Businesses need powerful copy if they want to sell. But does that mean that you, busy entrepreneur, should do it yourself?

No. Even if you have the *magic touch* when it comes to the written word, do not fall into the trap of “doing it all yourself.” You’ll get burned out, and both you and your clients will suffer.

This leaves you with two choices for your content: hire internally or outsource. Either option is valid. It all depends on your business model, your resources, and your willingness to train them.

But before you go on Fiverr or Indeed . . . STOP. The only thing worse than not having a copywriter on your team is having a lousy copywriter.

Finding the right copywriter for you can be tricky though. Let’s explore the three “wrong” writers you do NOT want to hire . . . and discover the RIGHT way to find talent that will help your sales skyrocket.

WRONG HIRE #1: The “Aspiring Writer”

Look. You’re a nice person. You want to give your niece, who’s halfway through her English degree, a chance. But please, for the love of all profitable businesses, do not.

One day she might be exactly who you need but that day is not today. Right now, she knows how to write academic papers that get an “A,” not Google Ads that get clicks. And yes, there’s a significant difference.

Offer to read her novel instead of hiring her. You’ll both be happier in the long run, and Thanksgiving won’t be as awkward.

WRONG HIRE #2: The “Cheap” Writer

There’s nothing wrong with being budget-friendly. But your copy is not the place to cut corners. When you hire someone on Upwork, Fiverr, or someone who writes in English as a second language, you HAVE to vet their skills first. Otherwise, you run the risk of awkward sentences and countless typos sneaking into your copy. 

Not understanding colloquialisms and communication difficulties means the “cheap” writer usually costs more time and money. Plus, the business owners usually have to re-write the content they just paid for because of subpar quality.

WRONG HIRE #3: The Expert Freelancer

“But you just said, ‘only hire qualified people!’” 

Yes. But we also want to be budget-conscious. 

Unless your marketing team has a copy chief, a marketing director, and an editor on staff, a solo freelancer is not the way to go. 

For starters, a quality writer will charge at least $120 an hour. Really. And they deserve it. But you can’t afford to pay them this much unless you have a pinpointed strategy and the resources to make sure this investment will bring in a heck of a lot more cash than it costs.

Secondly, freelancers have other clients. They are not your employees and are accountable only to themselves. It’s easy for your copy to get lost among their other clients. And because they’re running their own business, it can be hard to communicate with them on a 1-on-1 basis.

“But what about hiring in-house?”

Again, it’s going to cost you. In-house experts can command salaries of $100,000 or more. Don’t get your feathers ruffled at the number of zeros. Good copy is what sells your products and services, and great writers are hard to find.

But . . . you still need to hire someone to do your writing. And if you can’t hire your family, on the cheap, or a solo expert, what’s a digital entrepreneur to do?

Doing It Right: Go In With a Plan

The answer is to do your research. It’s worth spending the time deciding what matters most to you and your business before adding a temporary or permanent team member.

If quality is your #1 priority . . . 

You need to hire writers who have proven experience, glowing testimonials, and can provide you with examples of their work.

No matter what . . . 

Go in with a plan. That means knowing (A) how much content you want and (B) why you want it.

No matter who you hire to write your copy, you have to give them a roadmap. 

Copywriters may seem magical but they’re not mind-readers. So put your thoughts down on paper, typos and all. Give your writer something . . . anything . . . to work with. They’ll help you craft it into a beautiful thing.

For example, here are a few quick questions you might ask yourself to start building your content plan.

What purpose do my emails serve?

Emails are the #1 BFF of digital sales. They’re great for driving traffic to eComm stores and coaching businesses. But before you start ordering them, decide how many emails you need and whether they’re “abandoned cart” emails, “drip” emails, or serve another purpose.

What do I want my ads to do?

Facebook and Google ads are perfect for new product promotions. Figure out how many you want. Then, will you be doing split testing to see which headline gets the most clicks? Do you want short-and-sweet or long and compelling? There’s a lot to consider.

How are you building authority?

Pieces like blogs, case studies, and landing pages help your customers better understand why YOU are the best choice for them. Choose content types that show you and your business off, and that also make it easier for your prospects to become clients.

Across every single content piece, you need to know your business’ tone and target audience. This will help your writers craft content that speaks to your soon-to-be-customers and doesn’t pile onto the snooze fest that low-quality ads does.

Finding the RIGHT Writer for You

There are more types of writers than there are stars in the sky. Copywriters. Fiction writers. Novelists. Flash fiction writers. Content writers. Technical writers. SEO writers. And those are just the start. Each has a specific skill set that is NOT necessarily transferable to another type of writing.

DO hire the type of writer your business needs which is probably a highly-skilled copywriter. They are experts at engaging prospects and writing to sell.

Introducing Copy On Demand

If you can’t afford a solo, full-time copywriter for $100K, you need a copywriting agency.

These businesses are brimming with talented writers but won’t cost you a fortune. You’ll get the 1-on-1 benefits of hiring directly but with the resources of an entire team of expert writers, strategists, and editors . . . without breaking the bank.

This is what we do here at Moxie Copywriting. We have a team of vetted, highly-skilled writers who turn out insanely good copy, crazy fast. They’re experts across a variety of different niches and can adapt to your business’ voice. Oh, and we keep it affordable so you can keep investing in your business.

Test drive our writers for yourself. Click here to view our copy products and order your first piece today.

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