January 18, 2023

Case Study: How we TRIPLED this coach's Open Rates & Skyrocketed Her Sales

Case Study: How we TRIPLED this coach's Open Rates & Skyrocketed Her Sales

And skyrocketed her social following & sales 

THE GOAL: Bring aligned coaches into her funnel and sell her debut book, Joyful Selling: A Better Way to Yes for Heart-Centered Coaches.

Michelle Rockwood, founder of Unscripted Sales, is a high-ticket closer and coach who empowers like-minded women to ditch the ick of selling – and scale with more fulfilling, heart-centered sales convos.

She came to Moxie for support with the most important campaign of her career, a successful launch of Joyful Selling. As a coach who guides ICF-aligned coaches to attract ideal clients without sleazy, old-school sales tactics, having copy that genuinely connects with her audience was non-negotiable.

We hear that!  

Michelle wanted a team that could map and implement a compelling email sequence that captured her authentic voice so she could focus on serving her clients (she’d just poured her heart and coaching strategies into a book after all!).


OUR APPROACH: Audit her current copy and build a custom, top-to-bottom copy strategy that has the finger on the pulse of her brand & voice – and resonates with her heart-centered coaches. 

When Michelle reached out to Moxie, her cost per lead was $16 and her average email open rate was 20%. She’d recently made the pivot from closing high-ticket sales and providing sales training inside ICF-certified companies to launching Unscripted Sales as a solopreneur.

Step 1: Copy Analysis   

Before beginning the campaign, we dove into a Custom Copy Strategy Session with Michelle. We analyzed her current sales page, Facebook ads, and emails to:

  1. Understand her course offerings and approach to heart-centered sales training inside and out.
  2. Gain insights into her voice and tone to create copy that not only sounds like Michelle, but also communicates her message with authenticity.
  3. Uncover opportunities for copy to increase audience engagement and sales.

 “The win here was my understanding of my funnel. I now know I need to sell my $37 offer first in order to sell my $497 offer and I know how many I need to sell to reach my financial goals,” Michelle says. 

Step 2: Conversion Campaigns

Here’s where we got down to business! And developed a campaign strategy to increase her open rate – and boost the pulse rate of sales. Our strategy included 3 email campaigns to engage her audience from Hello to Yes! 

  1. Map a powerful welcome sequence to highlight Michelle’s unique story and authority in her industry – and feature the gems she has to offer her audience.
  2. Create a live-launch sequence that positioned a free chapter from her book as a lead magnet. 
  3. Develop a nurture sequence to engage her list from open to closed cart, and re-engagement with those who’d yet to join her course. 

Within days of our in-depth strategy session, we delivered a complete, custom roadmap that outlined exactly what Michelle needed to fill her trainings with coaches ready to make a greater impact. And leap into her book launch with confidence . . . and book more calls, more speaking engagements, and more sales. 

From specific topics, angles, and tones to which lengths would work best to optimize results – our copy roadmap was the tailored plan of action that saved Michelle time and energy so she could focus directly on her biz.

And we didn’t stop there!

Step 3: All-Inclusive Strategy

While Michelle was already running FB ads with solid results, we recommended some fresh new ads to align with our email sequence strategy.

Our advice? Lead with a solution-forward approach with a motivational and empowering tone that reflects her vibe of coaching.

But wait, there’s more! We delivered insights to revamp her sales page for a high-converting funnel from her lower-ticket offer to her main course.

As soon as she approved our strategy – boom! Our team fired up the creative engines for lift-off. 


THE RESULTS: Overnight, Michelle TRIPLED her open rate . . . and her inbox was bursting with clients excited to join her course & read her book (and her emails!). 

Instant success! From the first email, Michelle saw a 50-68% open rate across each email in her sequence. And she couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. “This is double, even triple what I can get on my own and way above industry standard. The copy radiates joy and gets results!"

And her new Facebook ads are outperforming her previous copy too. With our ads, Michelle decreased her cost-per-lead by 68%. Now, her CPL is $5 with a $1.35 cost-per-click and a 3.33% clickthrough rate. 

If you run ads you know how amazing this is! It's over 12x the industry standard and the result is VERY low-cost with leads coming in daily!" says Michelle.

Plus, she modified Moxie’s emails into LinkedIn posts – which gained 1800 followers and hundreds of connections in just a few months. (And filled up her monthly meet & greets to prime the launch of her book.)

"I've hired dozens of ‘professional’ copywriters before and no one delivers better copy in less time for this low price. The attention to detail, the simple submission request process, and the quick turn-around time make Moxie my #1 choice. My only regret is that I didn't find Moxie sooner.” 

If you’re ready to stop doing ALL the things in your biz and hire a copywriting agency that “gets” you, schedule a free strategy call today to chat with one of our Top Copy Experts. 


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