February 23, 2023

Is AI-Generated Content Bad For Business?

Is AI-Generated Content Bad For Business?

The 4 Cons of AI That Could Tank Your Marketing Copy

Unless you've been living under a rock . . . you probably know that AI copywriting tools are ALL the rage right now. And each pretty much guarantees verbatim (it’s robotic after all!) to “write all your content for you, at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time!” 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Maybe because it is.

Right about now you’re probably thinking . . . of course a human copywriting agency would say AI is full of problems.

How’d we guess? Let’s call it intuition. (It’s a people thing.)

Sure, we admit we’re a little biased on the subject. But here’s the thing – the biggest advocates pushing the pros of AI are – the companies selling AI tools. Just Google “benefits of AI copywriting” to see who (er, um what) is behind the hype.

And we get “shiny object syndrome” can razzle dazzle even the savviest minds and marketers.

But since we care about our clients achieving MASSIVE sales and returns – and avoiding potential pitfalls that could harm your biz – here are a few things to consider before you get swept away in the AI whirlwind: 

1. Accusations of Plagiarism

The way most AI works is it searches the internet and pieces together content . . . yep, from content that’s already published on the net. Cue the AHA! moment. It copies and pastes (and supposedly “tweaks”) someone else’s work – maybe even yours. While plagiarism cases are difficult to win in a court of law . . . accusations of plagiarism are very damaging in the court of public opinion.

Do you want your biz called out on social? #copycat

 2. Devalued Algorithms 

You know that where you stand in the search engine rankings can be the difference between your business being stagnant or scaling. Just because AI generates content doesn’t mean that content is optimized for search engines. But wait, it gets worse! AI content is considered automatically generated, which violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

And if you’re caught – Google’s webspam team can take action against the person or business using it. (That would be you, not your AI sidekick!) 

3. False “Facts” and Faulty Guarantees

AI is not a fact-checker. It pulls from everything on the wide, wild world of the web. (Ya know, the nonsense you’ve scrolled past because it’s just too eww.) And a lot of it is just plain WRONG! If you want to maintain credibility – and steer clear of the FB police, the FTC, and other letters of the bad-for-business alphabet – your copy must be factual and compliant.  

4. Tone Deaf 

Many AI tools have a feature where you can select your preferred tone. Let’s take “witty” for example. Witty has more flavors than Baskin-Robbins: sarcastic, crass, corny, sassy, and over-exaggerated are just a few sprinkles of what plugging in “witty” could add to your tone. And that may or may not be the type of messaging you want to represent your brand.

But let’s throw AI a bone. It doesn’t purport to write copy, it claims to write content. The fine, but KEY line between the two? Copy, or direct response marketing, isn’t just plopping in words related to a topic.

If you want to be recognized as the go-to, reputable expert in your industry – your copy must reflect your brand and connect with your target audience.

So let’s revisit this AI advertising that offers to “write all your content for you, at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time!”

Content Does Not Equal Marketing 

  • First, you have to know the best information to input into the generator for the best shot at getting some form of copy to work with. It may take several drafts on your end. (Let the trial and error begin!)
  • Then, significant rewriting and editing are required. This includes everything from fact-checking, keyword optimizing, and elevating your copy with tone, authenticity, and personality that resonates with your brand and your audience. 

If that doesn’t sound like getting all your content written for you – it’s because writing a first draft and rewriting from there is tough, time-consuming work.

Cheap Content, Heavy Price

  • Poorly written copy is less likely to perform. But great copy is your most powerful tool to boost sales and create loyal customers and clients.  
  • Any content for your business that makes false claims or false guarantees could result in your socials being shut down and hefty penalties.

You’ve heard the cliché: You get what you pay for. Well, sometimes cheap comes at a cost.

BTW, the avalanche of AI plagiarism lawsuits is already snowballing. Class action suits have been brought against Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI and the general consensus is AI's output is likely infringing on copyrights. We’re not forecasters, but if we were to predict the AI weather . . . more storms could be on the horizon.

Want a sunnier outlook? Trust your copy – and the integrity of your business – in the hands of the Pros. (That’s us!) AKA flesh and blood, human copywriters like the ones at Moxie Copywriting, with real-world experience, talent, creativity, and a track record for helping clients achieve massive results.

P.S. A human wrote this blog . . . and every single piece of copy our top copywriting agency delivers to successful clients worldwide. We’re talking copy that’s decreased costs-per-lead by 68% and TRIPLED email open rates. Copy that’s delivered a 14X ROAS, 5X’d booking rates, and generated 180 new sales – from one short ad

So no, bots don’t “write” copy that sells. That’s kinda our thing.

Want to partner with a pro copywriting agency that gets you and your business? Get your custom, DFY copy right here. 

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