March 20, 2023

How To Write Powerful Product Descriptions That SELL!

How To Write Powerful Product Descriptions That SELL!

When you think about it, product descriptions are a LOT like pick-up lines . . . 

Your prospects are scrolling through cyberspace . . . looking for a new sumpin sumpin special to boost their lives. Maybe that’s a hot new addition to their wardrobe, a professional service they needed like yesterday, or a game-changing course to level up their skills.

. . . Now, there are a jillion “somethings” lining the internet’s virtual shelves. You know it, your potential customers and clients know it. 

So how do you sweep them off their feet and convince them that your offer isn’t just something, it’s everything? 

You need an irresistible, gotta-have-it description that persuades your audience to choose your product. 

In the world of first dates, this usually means sauntering on up and telling them that you’re the Jack to their Rose. Or the Boo to their Yah. Or whatever iconic duo crosses your mind. 

But in the *even sexier* world of marketing, you need to woo your lookers with killer product descriptions that sell. 

While crafting coquettish pickup lines is a highly personal art, our copy pros are dishing the secrets to writing high-converting product descriptions – for love at first sight. 

Not to spoil the surprise . . . but these pro tips for writing product descriptions tend to warm your clients’ hearts (AND  their wallets). 

So we’re divulging everything you need to know about writing powerful product descriptions that sell. 

But First . . . Why Do Product Descriptions Matter?

If you’re thinking, Most pickup lines don’t work, that’s because many don’t. (Hint: slimy gets buh-byes!)

. . . But some DO. And folks are more than likely waiting for someone to say the right words.  

And the right combination of persuasive words + key benefits and features can equal connections that click. 

Here’s why product descriptions are a key ingredient in your marketing recipe for success: 

Strong product descriptions are like a spotlight shining bright on your offer in a crowded marketplace. 

And the reality?

EVERY industry can reap all their conversion-cranking awesomeness. 

Product Descriptions are 100% for . . .

. . . eComm, Of Course

Compelling product descriptions help your customers leap over their money-spending hurdles, fill their carts, and check out lickety-split. You can woo shoppers with descriptions that showcase WHY your product is *the one* for them.

(Remember, you’re sweeping them off their feet!) 

. . . But Not Just eComm

When most people think of product descriptions, they think of those carefully-curated blurbs listed beneath clothes, shoes, gadgets, gizmos, and everything else that’s sold online or in print. 

However, conversion-focused product descriptions pack a powerful punch for:

. . . Coaches & Course Creators 

What better way to showcase the solutions and transformative training that you offer? We advise all coaches to use story-driven product descriptions that will a) demonstrate their value and b) pack their launches to standing-room-only. 

That’s right! Product descriptions that persuade will help you make an even bigger impact. 

. . . Service Providers

Expertly-curated descriptors highlight your services’ key features and *must-have* benefits. Your product descriptions are one of the best ways to gain even more clients (or patients or homeowners or students) who need your professional services. 

. . . Agencies 

Strong product descriptions highlight your USP and drive home what distinguishes you from your run-of-the-mill counterparts. The product descriptions can convince your prospects to click (Right.This.Second.) And also help lay the foundation for long-term client relationships. 

. . . Consultants 

Detail the benefits of what’s included in your strategy sessions. Your high-impact descriptions help to fill your calendar with high-level 1:1 and group consults with game-changing results. (Keep ideal clients coming back for more!)

The Key Ingredients for Conversion-Cranking Product Descriptions

A Working Knowledge of SEO

The first step to writing snappy product descriptions that persuade is ensuring they pass the SEO test. While SEO is a complex and nuanced beast, understanding the basics goes a long, long way. 

If you haven’t the faintest idea what to do, your SEO product descriptions should follow these basic rules: 

  • Don’t use passive voice 
  • Place headings & subheadings – in order! 
  • Avoid sentences that are longer than 20 words
  • Embed keywords naturally throughout the text
  • Identify promising keywords (the winners will have high frequency & low competition)

Emphasis on Customer Value 

Writing powerful product descriptions requires a bit of role reversal. As in, you need to step into the shoes of your ideal client and walk around for a sec.  

Marketing your product to everyone is not a good plan. Instead, we recommend diving deeply into your buyer personas and creating content that: 

  • Excites their desires
  • Overcomes their doubts 
  • Resolves their pain points
  • Sells them on your product (or service or area of expertise)

When you are clear on your audience’s needs, you know how to convey the value you provide. It’s important to remember that your clients (along with the rest of us) want to know what’s in it for them. Your product descriptions should tell them exactly that. 

The RIGHT Language 

We’ll let you in on a little (not-so-secret) secret: most people aren’t dropping their hard-earned cash on just anything. That’s why it’s so (so!) important to ensure your product descriptions don’t fall flat.

Practically speaking, this means staying away from: 

  • Empty superlatives like excellent and great (*cue the eye roll*)
  • Generic lingo – ESPECIALLY the word “good”
  • Slick tactics (read: overly aggressive sales speak)
  • Superfluous words & phrases like very, really, at this moment in time, and in conjunction with 

And instead, showcase: 

  • “What” you’re going to do for clients 
  • Unique features & captivating just-for-you benefits
  • Readable content – that reflects your brand voice 
  • *Specific* explanations of how your product (or services!) will transform your clients’ lives 

Keep in mind that yes, while the goal of your description is to Sell! Sell! Sell! It shouldn’t sound like it. Offering something of real value — written with great copywill trump unsupported claims & empty promises. 

An *Irresistible* Call to Action 

Writing strong product descriptions with no call to action is like asking someone out and not grabbing their number . . . [insert forehead slap

To ensure your product descriptions do what they should, you need to give your clients some direction. Like: 

  • Where do you want them to go?
  • What are they supposed to do? 
  • How can they act now?

Your CTA doesn’t need to be lengthy or even overt. A quick recap of your must-have benefits and a subscribe button (or your equivalent) takes this budding relationship to the next level. 

. . . And Some Things to Shy Away From 

Just like pick-up lines, there are many pitfalls product descriptions can stumble into. With the most obvious being poor writing or missing ingredients (see above), others are disguised as a convenience . . .  

For one, product description templates may seem like a time-saver. But they can cost you in the long run. The plug-and-play formula can result in stiff and stale descriptions. And instead of standing apart from your competition, you’ll fit right in – and fade into the crowd.

Sure, you may draw a few passersby . . . but will they be soulmates? Like, the ones who stick with you and leave glowing reviews for the world to see? 

Templates may help in a pinch, but they need some major finessing. So you capture their hearts through your voice, value, and unique offer.

Similarly, be cautious of product description generators. While AI has its time and place, it pulls from existing content. (Remember: you want to stand out, not blend in!) Plus, it can’t capture you or your brand’s personality. And it could harm your integrity when it comes to plagiarism and compliance. 

THE Ultimate Secret Weapon for Persuasive Product Descriptions?

Our pro copywriting agency. Moxie’s highly-vetted writers and editors are the best in the industry. With TONS of experience in a wide variety of niches, we have the precise words and know-how to write powerful product descriptions that sell. 

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So before you start spinning your wheels brainstorming those perfect pick-up lines, turn to the pros! 

Our personalized product descriptions will warm your clients’ hearts AND their wallets. Get yours today! 

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