April 13, 2023

How To Split Test Your Copy and Double Conversions

How To Split Test Your Copy and Double Conversions

A virtual show of hands if you’re relying on one version of copy to drive sales.

Hmmm . . . we thought so. 

Split testing is an *essential* part of nailing high-converting campaigns. 

Without it, your marketing is based on assumptions and theoretical best practices . . . 

(Generic practices tend to yield generic results – if ya know what we mean.) 

That’s right! You’re leaving mega stacks of cash on the table.

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) optimizes your copy’s performance by uncovering what resonates with YOUR specific audience. 

. . . Think of it as *fly-on-the-walling* your audience’s scroll. But 100% ethical & totally non-invasive.  

And if you’re not split-testing your copy, we’ve got your back. We’re sharing tips to help you A/B test like a pro.

How To Split-Test Advertising Copy 

A/B testing analyzes a specific element of your ad campaign. 

By comparing two options side by side, it’s easy to determine *exactly* what your target audience is responding to. Then, you can optimize your campaigns accordingly. 

To ensure your campaigns are *chef’s kiss,* we recommend split testing every element.  That includes (but is absolutely not limited to):

  • Headlines
  • The *offer*
  • Writing style 
  • Ad copy length
  • Primary ad copy
  • Landing page copy
  • Call to action (CTAs)
  • Images and/or graphics

Insider Tips for Rocking Your A/B Testing

As one of the top copywriting agencies around, Moxie knows a thing or two (or three) about split testing copy. And — lucky for you! — we’re spilling everything we know . . . 

  1. Test One Element At a Time. 

In order for A/B testing to be effective, you need to focus on each element individually. 

When you launch two different campaigns with separate headlines, different ad copy, and their own graphics . . . there’s no telling which ad element is responsible for changing ad performance. 

Pretend your split tests are science experiments (which they kind of are). You need to deem one element the *independent variable* and measure its results. Then, repeat this process to your heart’s content. 

  1. Use Provocative (& Different) Hooks and Angles. 

Point blank: the angle or hook is the most intriguing element in your advertisements and marketing campaigns. It’s the attention-grabber (like a stellar pickup line!). 

Generally, ad angles focus on your customers’ pain points (the problem they want to fix ASAP) or their goals. 

. . . And *holy grail* advertising angles capture both.

That’s why split testing is an insanely good way of determining which angles hit home – so you can optimize your ad copy to convert like a charm. 

  1. Leverage the HUMAN touch with AI. (Like a Pro.)

Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. AI is taking the copywriting world by storm, and many folks wonder if AI-generated content is bad for biz. 

The truth is . . .  

. . . AI can be a heavy-hitter when it comes to A/B tests (with help from us). 

Moxie starts with the human touch of our expert copywriters to craft 100% custom, personality popping copy. But we don't stop there! Next, we pair our pro inputs with the power of AI to give our clients double the copy, double the conversion power.  

Here’s how the magic happens . . . 

You place your order with Moxie and our dedicated word nerds craft your just-for-you copy (lickety split).

. . . THEN our copy pros plug that handcrafted copy into our AI generator to produce a second version of professionally edited custom, conversion-cranking copy. 

Yes, this means you get TWO versions of high-converting ad copy to split-test yourself silly – for the price of ONE. (You’re welcome!) 

. . . However, that AI process isn’t as simple as it seems. 

When it comes to AI-generated copy, the output is only as good as the input. No matter how *intelligent* they are, AI generators aren’t human. 

Here are some insider AI hacks that we follow religiously: 

  • Bulk up searches with research. 
  • Personalize generic, AI-generated call-to-actions to POP! 
  • Set parameters & define context – the more specific, the better. 
  • Spice up AI copy with personality & brand flavor (which spoiler alert: only flesh-and-blood humans can add).
  • Double-check *everything* before sending it out into the interweb. 

You see, when our Moxstars leverage AI to craft copy, we aren’t just dropping copy prompts into generators and calling it a day.

Robots lack flesh-and-blood human thought & input. And they don’t have our editors’ keen minds to spruce up those outputs. 

Ready to Split-Test Your Ad Copy?

As one of the best copywriting agencies in the biz, Moxie combines top-rated copy pros with the benefits of AI to double your copy’s conversion power.

When you partner with us, you get 100% custom, story-driven copy that’s crafted by world-class writers plus a fully-edited, BONUS AI version to split test. 

Mind-blowing. (Right?!) Get 2x’s the conversion copy power today.
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