April 11, 2023

How To Conquer Facebook Compliance

How To Conquer Facebook Compliance

In the *wild world* of paid advertising options, Facebook reigns supreme. 

From the whopping 2.9 billion users . . . to those ultra-targeted audiences . . . and that arsenal of analytics . . . powerful Facebook ads are something every coach, consultant, and service provider should launch . . . like, yesterday

When it comes to crafting high-converting Facebook ad copy, not *everything* goes . . . And as a matter of fact, certain ad copy can send you to FB jail (lickity split!).

So, how do you stay under the Facebook compliance radar and get your conversion-cranking ads in front of the right audiences? 

At our *créme de la créme* SEO copywriting agency, our world-class writers and editors to lead the way. 

Stick with us to discover how to conquer Facebook ad compliance and set your ads up for success Every.Single.Time. 

But First . . . What Happens When You’re NOT Facebook Compliant?

Getting flagged for breaking ad policy here and there may not seem like *that* big of a deal. (Until it is!)

And if you don’t know why your ads are getting rejected, you’ll probably keep making mistakes . . . which means you’ll consistently violate policy & run ads that get disapproved . . . which doesn’t make the Facebook police very happy. 

. . . If this happens, there’s a *very real* possibility your ad account will get shut down. (Yup! If you can’t play by the rules, Facebook kicks you out of its sandbox.) 

Then, you can find yourself stuck with a disabled ad account, a revenue stream that's drier than the Sahara, and no clear path to getting your Facebook ads back on track. 

No worries! We’ve got your back. And we’ll show you the ropes so that doesn’t happen.

Watch Out For These Top 3 Compliance Faux Pas

While Facebook ad policy is a nuanced, ever-changing beast, there are known faux pas that coaches, consultants, and service providers should pay close attention to like: 

  1. Profanity. That’s right! No foul language. And if you think you can bypass the rule by arranging symbols, numbers, and letters like this . . . S%*T. . . think again. It isn’t worth the risk. (Facebook is not with the shenanigans!)
  1. Unrealistic Claims.  Don’t promise unreasonable results like — “lose 20 lbs in 10 days” —  “replace your annual income in 30 days” — “make money while you sleep”. Oh, and you can’t promote specific results or outcomes without qualifying language or disclaimers. (Don’t play the claim game!) 
  1. Non-functional Landing Pages. It’s a no-no to require downloads to access the content on your page. Your landing page must match what you’re promoting in your ad. And NO random pop-ups when prospects leave the page.

Most importantly — Facebook will nix your ads when they link to an irrelevant, poorly-designed landing page or bad URL. 

(So, make sure your landing pages are *chef’s kiss*.) 

Bonus Tip: Don’t Misuse Facebook or Instagram’s Brand Assets

Let’s just say . . . Facebook is possessive. And they’re *really picky* about how advertisers use their logo and assets. 

To stay within their good graces, never claim that Facebook endorses your product. Also, refrain from showcasing Facebook’s logo or branding on your ads or LPs. 

Finally, if you’re going to screenshot content from Facebook — be real about it! Don’t modify or crop the image to appear otherwise. 

To YOU or Not to YOU in FB Ad Copy? That is the Question

The short answer is YES.  (A little *you* goes a long way.) And we’ll show you how to use YOU in the next section. 

But first . . .

Facebook doesn’t like YOU when it’s used to target audiences by their personal attributes like . . . gender, age, race, ethnicity, health issues, or any other personal characteristics. 

Of course,  Facebook knows we are targeting our audiences, but they don’t want readers to feel called out.

(And we don’t blame them! There’s enough “my phone is listening to me” hullabaloo floating around.)

How to Tweak Your YOU Copy Into Compliance 

Our Moxstars navigate Facebook ad policy all the time. And here’s how we transform non-compliant YOU copy into conversion-cranking awesomeness . . .  

. . . Don’t do this.

  • Want to know why you can’t lose that extra 15 lbs? 
  • You can boost your income with this program.
  • Here’s why your wife refuses to listen to you. 
  • Are you unhappy with your career?
  • It seems like nobody listens to you.

. . . Do use “you” sparingly (the right way!).  

  • You’re a rockstar!
  • YOU can make a difference. 
  • THIS is the training you’ve been waiting for. 
  • It’s time to take your business to the next level. 
  • You can grab your seat in our masterclass today.

. . . And check out these “you” alternatives.

You can use first-person or group-focused pronouns and adjectives such as . . . I, Me, My, Mine, Ours, Us, We, He, She, They, and Many . . . like this:  

  • Our children deserve the best we can offer them.
  • We CAN kick procrastination to the curb.
  • I know what deep depression feels like.
  • Many people want to have a better life. 

One more thing — avoid saying “most,” as the Facebook admins view that as lumping a group of people into a common category. (Which is a big N-O.)

And a word about AI . . .

While many folks are starting to use AI to curate their Facebook ads, be mindful that robots don’t compliance-check. And when bots write marketing copy, they generate a lot of you, you, you . . . which can send YOU straight to Facebook jail. 

AI is a powerful tool (There’s no denying it!), but it requires the HUMAN touch to shine and produce outputs that convert.

Want to Set Your Facebook Ads Up for Success?

Leave it to the copy pros! As one of the best copywriting agencies in the industry, writing words that sell is kind of our thing. 

And our dedicated writers are on standby to write your high-converting Facebook ads and landing page copy.

Here at Moxie, our copy pros know the rules of the road to Facebook compliance. Get your conversion-cranking copy today
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