March 06, 2023

Hook Your Readers With Irresistible Facebook Ad Headlines

Hook Your Readers With Irresistible Facebook Ad Headlines

Do you know the *créme de la créme* of paid advertising options? You know, the ONE platform you should invest in before all the others? 

(Like yesterday!)

If you said Facebook – ding ding ding! – you’re right on the money! The average Facebook ads conversion rate is [insert drumroll here] 9.11% across all industries. 

In real-talk, that means Facebook ads have killer potential to increase revenue – whether you’re an agency, coach, service pro, or eComm extraordinaire. (Woohoo!) 

. . . Of course, your success all depends on how well your Facebook ads perform. And what drives ad performance? It comes down to proper audience targeting, a healthy ad spend, scroll-stopping ad copy, AND . . . . 

Powerful Facebook Ad Headlines

If you wanna hook looky-loos at hello, your Facebook ad headlines need to be three things: compelling, attention-grabbing, and thoughtfully curated

If not? You’ll spend a whole lot of cha-ching on ads that get ignored.. 

That’s why we’re dishing out the scoop on how to craft winning Facebook ad headlines. Stick with us to discover why some headlines are fabulous, why some are not-so-fabulous, and how to craft great Facebook ad headlines of your own. 

Are Your Facebook Headlines Falling Flat?

We’ve been in the pro copywriting agency biz for a LONG time. And we know insanely good Facebook ad headlines when we see them . . . 

If you’re not a marketing *guru* or pro copywriter, it can be tough to know the difference between headlines that soar and those that barely make it off the ground. 

So without further ado, let’s talk Facebook ad headline fatal flaws. If you want to whip up Facebook ad headlines that sell, don’t:

✕ Leave the headline blank (Uh, yeah . . . we’ve actually seen this happen!)

✕ Use your brand name as the headline (It’s already at the top of the ad!) 

✕ Serve up a headline that doesn’t align with your ad content

✕ Rely on your targeting and graphics to do ALL the heavy lifting  

If you aren’t guilty of those Facebook ad headline no-nos – but your ads are still missing the mark – you might want to check out the EMV Headline Analyzer. This is one of Moxie’s top seven tools every pro copywriter needs – it essentially reveals if your headlines have what it takes. 

The EMV Headline Analyzer makes its determination using the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) of certain words. It reveals the predominant emotion your headline evokes and it gives you an overall score.

But our favorite part? It explains why you got that score. And knowing the why behind your score is what helps you learn, adapt, and write conversion-cranking headlines in the future. 

The Power of Great Facebook Ad Headlines 

Dream with us for a second: Imagine your ideal client is scrolling through their Facebook feed . . . 

. . . they’re surfing past engagement announcements, photos of old high-school friends, a passionate rant their Aunt So-and-so is word vomiting, and targeted advertisements from you (and your competition!). 

. . . When your Facebook ad finally flitters across their screen, you get exactly ONE 40-character headline to make an impact. 

(Do you see where we’re going with this?) 

Without attention-grabbing headlines, your prospects will NOT open, read, or engage with your advertisements. (And what a *costly* shame that would be.) 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Every business can have relevant and right-on-the-mark Facebook ad headlines to stop its audience mid-scroll and . . .

. . . Gain readership 

If your headline piques your client’s interest, they’ll likely dig a bit deeper. Yup! They will read on to discover your *must-have* USP and one-of-a-kind features. Rest assured they’ll be heading to your website (and whipping out their wallets) in no time.

. . . Skyrocket conversions

Once your headlines get potential clients in the door, they’ll be greeted by your high-converting ad copy. And as we all know, fresh ad copy is one of three surefire ways to increase revenue fast by cranking up conversions and closing deals. 

But if they decide your headline isn’t click-worthy? 

You can kiss those potential clients (and their potential coinage!) goodbye.

The Secret (or Three) to Crafting Killer Ad Headlines 

While writing conversion-cranking headlines isn’t rocket science, it IS a science. We can’t simply pop some sales-y lingo into a sentence and – Boom! – start raking in the revenue.  

Our team of pro copywriters has mastered the three keys for scroll-stopping headline success. And just for you, we’re pulling back the curtain so your headlines can take center stage. 

1. Decide Whether You Wanna be Direct (or not) 

Every Facebook ad headline will be one of two things: direct or indirect

The former clearly states the purpose of the ad and what it’s offering. (Read: they literally tell people what they’re clicking on.) Most of the time, this means summing up the *meat and potatoes* of the ad. 

Because direct headlines get right to the point, we often recommend them for B2B advertisements and other professional organizations. (But they can work for everyone – especially eComm stores with sizzlin’ discounts up for grabs!)

Here are some examples of direct headlines:

  • 👗Use Code GIMME20 For 20% Off >>
  • LIVE Webinar For Newbie Biz Owners 🙌
  • FREE Quote | Austin’s #1 Home Painters 🏠 

On the other hand, indirect headlines embrace the art of subtly. They don’t state the key benefit or features, and instead, they play on the viewer’s curiosity. 

By only *implying* what the ad is about, indirect headlines spark mystery and intrigue. And more often than not, they ignite a hunger for answers that entices viewers to engage with your ad.

Your indirect headlines might look like this:

  • 👗 Brace Yourself: Compliments Incoming
  • 🙌 Biz Owner Burnout Ends Here >>
  • Time For A Fresh Coat Of Paint? 🏠

2. Choose Your Stance 

Some of the best Facebook ad headlines rely completely on emotion. Others take a shocking approach. And others? They drive home that sense of urgency. 

Therefore, the best stance for your Facebook ad headlines . . . will be entirely dependent on your business, target audience, and goals.  

If you’re unsure where to begin, here are some stances that were taken straight from our winning Facebook ad headlines creative arsenal: 

Tug at Their Heartstrings

Human beings are driven by their emotions. And your Facebook ad headlines should play on that! Studies show that using emotional words in your ad headlines boosts engagement. 

So what kind of emotionally-charged words work best? Our copy pros suggest choosing words that fall under the umbrella categories of loyalty, confidence, anger, fear, and curiosity. 

Hit Them With Something Shocking 

Surprises almost always command attention. So why not take the shocking route? One way to do this is to start your Facebook ad headlines with numbers or statistics. Stats get people curious about a topic. (And – Bonus! – they bump up your credibility.) 

Some examples: 

  • How This eComm Shop 5X Their Revenue!
  • 40% Of Biz Owners Get THIS Wrong >>
  • Rock This Week’s Social Posts In 30 Mins

  • Another way to grab your audience’s attention is to hit them with those “You WON’T Believe . . .” headlines. With this approach, your goal is to challenge your audience’s way of thinking. Help them see things from a new, empowering perspective. 

    Audiences can spot fluff-filled clickbait from a mile away, so make sure there’s some meat on your headline’s bones: 

    • 3 Reasons NOT To Hire A Coach (Yet!)
    • Surprise! Healthy *Can* Be Delicious 😋 
    • Clean House In 10? You Won’t Believe How

    Use Urgency to Your Advantage 

    Urgency is another component of powerful headlines that sell. Have a flash sale that’s coming to a close? A limited-time offer that your viewers will love? Let them know about it! And make sure they know there’s a deadline. 

    Most humans have an innate fear of missing out (hello, FOMO). That’s why words that imply urgency grab your audience’s attention almost immediately. (And they’ve got great conversion-boosting potential.)

    Use phrases like “today only” and “limited time” to inspire people to click your CTA button ASAP. But remember this: never use false scarcity! (It breaks the all-important trust factor.)

    Be a *Powerful* Negative Nelly (to get Positive Results) 

    We know this sounds counterintuitive. However, studies show that sprinkling negative power words throughout your Facebook ad headlines yields better results than their happy-go-lucky counterparts.  

    Why is that? Well, people crave the ugly truth – especially when they’re fed up with something and want a solution, pronto! That’s why phrases like “STOP Wasting Money” and “Fix *insert problem* ASAP” totally work. 

    And here are some more examples of what we’re talking about: 

    • Wanna Scale? Avoid These Marketing Fails
    • NEVER Take Photos From This Angle Again

    Use negative power words to address pain points. Pain – and more importantly, finding relief from said pain – is a huge motivator for your target audience. 

    Connect with your audience’s struggle in your ad headlines. Then, make it crystal clear that you have the ideal solution. When you do both, you’ll see more clickthroughs to your landing pages, more traffic to your Facebook pages, and more conversions overall. 

    3. Be Concise (Sort of) 

    When it comes to crafting great Facebook ad headlines, conciseness is king (or queen!). Facebook only gives you 40 characters before it truncates your headline. So it’s oh-so-important that you use those characters wisely. 

    AdEspresso conducted an analysis (of 752,626 Facebook ads) that revealed the five-word headline is the *perfect* length.  

    In their own words: “A clear, no-nonsense (and five-word) headline . . . paired with 20 words of ad text is the recipe for a perfect sponsored post.” 

    You can start by shortening your current headlines. Then, send them out into the internet streets *to do their thing* and track your conversions. 

    The BEST way to Guarantee Scroll-Stopping Facebook Ad Headlines? 

    Hire the pros. Here at Moxie, our highly-vetted team of writers and editors are dedicated word nerds. We know *exactly* what it takes to write world-class Facebook ad headlines that convert like a charm. 

    Our copywriting agency writes 100% original copy for a variety of clients from heart-centered coaches to consultants to agencies AND more.

    The best part? We’ve made it uber-easy to access our headline-writing expertise with Moxie’s Headline Pack. Grab yours today! 

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