March 31, 2020

Five Reasons Great Copy Is Your Most Powerful Tool

Five Reasons Great Copy Is Your Most Powerful Tool

Most people can write, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should. Okay, so putting together a sentence is not that complicated . . . perhaps even a sentence that’s error free. It’s easy as pie, right?

Wrong! “Easy as pie” is a great example of what not to do. You should stay as far away from clichés as possible: if someone else has already said it, there’s no need to say it again. 

Sound challenging? That’s only the beginning.

A “writing is easy, anyone can do it” mindset is a recipe for disaster -- and it’s usually the root cause when bad copy happens to good companies.

Maybe you can write copy. But can you write copy that’s short and succinct, yet captivating and compelling? Copy that’s persuasive, on-brand, and SEO-focused? You wouldn’t hire an amateur to do your graphic design, so why allow someone who’s not an expert to write your copy?

Great copy is what brings customers in and keeps them coming back, and that’s because . . .

1. It is the first thing people notice about you

 If your copy is sloppy, your company probably is, too. Bad copy tells your customers that you’re either unable or unwilling to put your best foot forward upfront, which doesn’t bode very well for your future relationship with your clients.

2. It tells the story of your company

Striking the balance between familiarity and professionalism is challenging-and it’s also different for every business. Your company will have a completely different voice if your target audience is teenagers or grandparents, and it’s important to have someone speak to your customers in a way that is relevant, engaging, and relatable to them.

3. It sells

 You and your competitors may be selling the same service, but if you can appeal to your customers in a way that’s persuasive, creative, and original, you already have the upper hand. A great copywriter could probably sell honey to a bee- and is definitely someone you want championing your brand.

4. It is SEO on the sly

Today’s readers are savvy, and they can spot copy that is bogged down with keywords almost immediately. Great copy is short and simple, transparent and empathetic, and SEO focused. Keywords can hide in titles, sub-headlines, and yes, the body paragraphs- but only an experienced writer can do this without drawing attention.

5. It creates and maintains connections

Great copy is relevant and interesting- whether the consumer is reading it the day it was written or two months later. Engaging with your clients up front will keep them coming back, and may even encourage them to champion your brand- leading to a more diverse clientele, larger brand awareness, and increased profit margins.

While great copy may be an investment, bad copy is a waste of time and money: two things that successful companies cannot afford to waste.