November 08, 2022

Does My Business Really Need A Blog?

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Breaking down blogging benefits for every business – including yours 

Whenever the topic of content marketing comes up, the B-word is usually the first on everyone’s lips: 


If you don’t live and breathe writing (like we do here at Moxie), it can be a bit confusing to wrap your head around the question, “Does my business really need a blog?” 

We’ll cut to the chase: the answer is YES. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, a phone case manufacturer, or a software provider selling phone services to plumbers. 

If your business has a website and wants to attract new customers (which EVERY business does!), then you need a blog. 

After all, blogging isn’t just an outlet for wordy nerds to share hobbies or travel journeys. Blog content can mean REAL business – and that’s why we bang out dozens of customer blogs every month (all up to the Moxie standards, of course).

Still not convinced? Here are 5 ways blogging can benefit your business – and bring a whole new world of opportunities within reach.

1. It’s a super-highway for online searchers (and it leads right to your door!)

Business blogs ensure your organic website traffic is ever-flowing and ever-growing. According to a study by HubSpot, they can bring in up to 55% more web visitors per month! And that's so important. Because without a constant stream of organic traffic, even the most beautiful websites on the internet can become ghost towns. *Cue the tumbleweeds*

Think about it like this: Your potential customers are already asking Google to fix everything going wrong in their lives. So if you can provide answers to their questions (along with empathetic and helpful advice!), they’re likely to come across your blog – and your biz – naturally. 

And if your blog is well-written, friendly, and educational? It might just inspire folks to poke around on the other parts of your site . . . and discover the products or services you offer are exactly what they need.

2. It spruces up your SEO

Every content marketer’s worst fear? Ending up on the *shudder* second page of Google results. 

Anything beyond the first ~5 results is basically lost in a black hole, never to be seen or clicked on again. (Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it IS a fact that the 1st result is 10x more likely to be clicked than the 10th).

But when you’re running a company (and especially if you’re in a super-competitive industry like coaching or fitness), even getting on the 5th or 6th page can seem like a super daunting task. 

Enter your blogs. While they’re not equipped with magical genie powers that will instantly transport your site to the top result, they are an effective way to improve your SEO – when done strategically. 

First, as we mentioned above, blogs make it easier for organic users to find your site – and Google loves, loves, loves pages that get traction and attention. 

If you write a kick-ass blog that gets referenced in other people’s content (earning you backlinks), it’s a sign to the Search Powers That Be that your website is valuable and compelling. That means the next time someone has the same query, Google will be much more inclined to recommend your site. 

Finally, blogs are a creative way to incorporate all those sweet, juicy keywords your audience is searching for. You don’t want to cram a bunch of stiff SEO buzzwords in – but a dash here and a sprinkle there can go a long way in pushing your page to the top. 

3. It earns trust and authority

We all want to buy from somebody we trust. Whether you’re selling marketing solutions, coaching packages, or eComm products, you want your prospects to know you get them.

Your blog is your chance to show the world that you’re a true expert in your field. Share inspirational ideas and demonstrate you have the answers to your customer’s questions – before they even ask, like some kind of mind reader! 

The more regularly you write blogs that people want to read, the higher your reputation will grow in their minds. And when it’s time to ask another question (or take the leap to making a purchase), your biz will be the go-to at the top of their list. 

4. It can educate and encourage sales 

Not all problems are created equal. And while all customers want a fast and clear-cut solution, you know it’s not usually that simple. 

Your blog is your opportunity to educate prospects on exactly what you do – and how it can turn their problems from monstrous to manageable. It’s also your chance to illustrate why they should pick you over one of your many competitors (without getting sleazy, of course!).

You can even use blogs and other copy as a powerful sales tool. Don’t get us wrong: there’s a fine balance between adding value to your audience and begging them to buy. But if you craft a compelling message that puts your offer in the right light, your readers might be willing to click “Buy Now” as soon as they reach the bottom of your blog. 

5. It simplifies your other marketing strategies

As a business owner, you have a lot going on – and the to-do list only gets more overwhelming when you have two or three (or four, or five . . . ) marketing platforms to stay on top of.

Facebook posts. Instagram Reels. Emails. The list goes on. If you struggle to come up with enough ideas to send out a sporadic message (let alone maintain a daily or weekly content schedule), remember two things: 

#1: You’re not alone (even the best writers get a block!). 

And #2: Adding blogs to your content strategy can help big time. Why? Because if you’ve already published a blog this week, you can repurpose the content for your social posts and emails! Pro tip: Remember to include fun and friendly CTAs that send your audience to the blog. 

Ready, set, blog! 

Nearly 80% of businesses use blog content as part of their marketing strategy – and for good reason. They’re not just writing them for fun. Blogs are a valuable tool that can boost your authority, ensure your site shows up in searches, and, yes, bring home the bacon. 

But it’s not just about what you say: it’s how creatively you can say it. By producing high-quality content that gives your customers the goods, you’re sure to keep readers scrolling and coming back for more. 

Can you never find the right words to get your message across? Too much on your plate to even think about starting a blog? We’ve got you! 

Let the pros take care of your blog and watch as the web traffic (and conversions) pour in. Order your totally customized, expertly crafted blog content today!