November 08, 2022

Bring Out Your Best With A Buzz-Worthy Bio

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Our secrets to selling your business's most important asset (on any platform!)

A well-written description of yourself (and your biz) is one of the most important pieces of marketing collateral you can have.

Because a bio that clearly describes exactly what you do has the power to actively attract more leads, customers, and business partners (and make your momma proud, too!). 

Whether you’re a kick-ass lifestyle coach, an agency owner whose results speak louder than words, or an executive in a Fortune 500 company, there’s nothing more powerful than being able to sell yourself – succinctly. 

Want to discover why bios are so important, what you can do to make yours POP, and how to tailor your bio to each platform for maximum results? Keep on scrollin’! 

Why bother with a bio? 

Some folks assume bios are only meant for “Meet the Team” pages and networking spiels. And while these are great places to whip out a perfectly polished bio, there’s so much more to them than that.

But before we dig into the nitty-gritty, let’s get crystal clear on one thing: People want to know what you do. And if you write a bio, people are going to read it. (In fact, your bio is often the first thing people notice about you – which is just one of the reasons compelling copy is your most powerful tool.)

The only question is . . . Will they remember your bio (and you)? Or will its vague language vanish from their mind the moment they click away? 

No matter what industry you’re in, we’re willing to bet your list of competitors is growing. With a shift to contract work and everyone (plus their dog) working remotely, it’s easier than ever to sell your expertise as a service. In 2020, entrepreneurs in the US alone launched 4.4 million new businesses!

The stakes are high. There’s an ever-growing group of businesses and individuals you have to go up against. 

But the good news? A punchy bio will make you stand out for all the right reasons – and sell your potential customers on exactly why they should work with you over ANYbody else. (Psst! This is called a Unique Selling Proposition, and it’s the key ingredient for any killer copy recipe.)

Just think about your own biz for a sec. Let’s say you need to bring in a new freelancer – and you find two that charge roughly the same price and have the samples to prove they do amazing work. The only difference is their bios. 

One freelancer has taken the time to carefully craft a message that speaks to you. In just a few moments, you feel they could easily understand your agency – and have the tricks and tools to solve your unique problems. 

Despite their beautiful portfolio, the other freelancer only shares a couple of jumbled lines about their background. After scouring their website for something more, you’re left wondering: Who is this person? And can they really help me? 

The hiring decision becomes a no-brainer. We’re no judge or jury, but we’d go with the person that made the most convincing case. Wouldn’t you? 

The same principle applies to your business. In an overcrowded marketplace, selling yourself is more important than ever – and nobody does things quite the way you do. A bio is one of the best ways to prove your expertise and get your message out there. 

Building a bio that can sell anything 

So what goes into a memorable bio? Here are 6 of our favorite tips and tricks that make you stand out – no matter how many fish there are in your sea. 

  1. Keep it short & sweet. 

We get it: you’re amazing. You’ve done a lot of amazing things. But the people reading your bio aren’t going to care about every last one of them. 

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Make every single word count. 

Focus on 2-3 things you do really well. What one fact do you want folks to remember about you? Use that as the opener of your bio – and save the lengthy not-so-humble brags for your next phone call home. 

  1. Add value to the reader.

Yes, your bio is your opportunity to talk about yourself (something we don’t get to do often enough!). But that doesn’t mean you can spout off a bunch of boring facts and expect the reader to respond. 

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. What do they need from you? Use this insight to craft a compelling story that shows the reader what they’ll get from working together. 

  1. Share the accomplishment you’re most proud of. 

Ever seen those bios that are a never-ending list of the person’s previous job titles? Pretty snooze-worthy, right? 

While it’s important to detail your roles and the work you’ve done, try to stick to the big accomplishments that will make your audience go, “Wow! I didn’t know they could do that!”

And don’t be shy. We know hyping yourself up can feel unnatural (and if we’re being really honest . . . a little cringe-worthy). But remember: you’re not bragging. You’re sharing info your audience genuinely wants to know!!

  1. Let your personality shine. 

Your bio is all about you. So don’t you think it should sound like you? 

When a bio flops, it’s usually because it sounds clunky, inauthentic, or overly formal. So zest yours up with some deets about your background, passions, or values – just don’t dilute your message with an irrelevant tangent about how much you love puppies. 

  1. Build trust and authority. 

The main goal of your bio is to inspire people to work with you. But if you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s likely to send customers running in the other direction.

Detail your extensive education, give examples of clients you’ve worked with, or share real-life results you’ve achieved. Whatever you include, it should showcase the fact that you’re the best in the biz. 

  1. Strike the right tone. 

Every business and every entrepreneur is different. So naturally every bio should be different, too – there is no ONE way to express yourself! 

The tone of your bio will depend on your audience, industry, and where it’s being published. Fun and flirty or proper and professional, it’s all about what will attract your ideal audience and make them excited to learn more about you. 

Making a platform-perfect bio

You’ve written a powerhouse bio. It’s so perfectly crafted, prospects are signing up before they even finish reading. So your work is over now . . . right? 

Not quite. 

The truth is, a bio that results in sold-out seats on one platform might attract nothing but crickets on another. To really pour on the persuasion (and sell in any situation), you’ll need to consider who will be reading your bio, where they’ll be reading it, and what they’ll be looking for. 

Still not sure why you might need multiple versions of the “same” thing? Let’s dive into some examples. 

LinkedIn bios 

Despite its efforts to stay hip and happening, LinkedIn is still first and foremost a professional platform. Its users are more corporate-savvy and formal than those on the ’gram. 

Your LinkedIn bio should emphasize your skills, expertise, and experience. In just a few characters, your readers should understand what you do and how it could benefit them. 

Just remember: formal does NOT mean boring! A bio that puts readers to sleep is never gonna do you any favors. (For more ideas on where to draw the line between playful and pro, check out these examples from LinkedIn’s talent blog.) 

Podcast bios 

Let’s face it: listeners aren’t going to hit that “Play” button if your bio makes them yawn. Spotlighting your stellar personality is the best way to attract (and retain!) a listening audience. 

A podcast bio should be more fun and personality-packed than the average bio. Focus on what makes you unique and illustrate why someone should listen to you talk about marketing or coaching or fitness for hours on end. 

Web bios 

The be-all, end-all standard of bios. So many companies include employee bios on their sites – and so many miss the opportunity to leverage them as pieces of unique, creative content. 

Your web bio should serve up the relevant background readers need to know. But don’t be afraid to sprinkle in a little spice (we’re talking about that all-important personality, of course!). You’ll also want to include some SEO-driven keywords that will help your bio show up in search. 

Speaker bios 

Invited to speak at an upcoming event? Congratulations! Here’s another chance to change up your bio and show readers this is a talk they won’t wanna miss. 

In this bio, explain why your expertise makes you the ideal person to learn about this topic from. And if you can, drop a couple of tantalizing teasers to make tuning in irresistible. 

Bulk up your presence with a professionally written bio

It doesn’t matter what you sell, where you sell it, or who your buyers are. Crafting a well-written bio is key to attracting customers and scaling your biz. 


Does writing about yourself feel just plain weird? Can’t seem to find the words that are confident, not cocky? 

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