November 09, 2020

5 Ingredients for Successful Sales Page Copy

5 Ingredients for Successful Sales Page Copy

How to Convert Lurkers Into Buyers

Anyone who has written a sales page for their product or service knows the embarrassment of getting crickets after introducing your new offer to the world. 

Sure, things like the offer and funnel design might come into play. But sales copy is the secret sauce between a “lame-o” versus a “lit-up” sales page . . . and an epic launch that really knocks it out of the park. 

Check out our top five ingredients for successful sales copy that converts. . . every time.

#1: Hit ‘Em With the Right Hook

In this case, we mean “right” as in “correct,” and not slugging someone in the jaw with a punch. 

Leading with a compelling and engaging hook is one of the most critical components of your sales copy. You have only eight seconds to capture someone’s attention . . . (that’s the same as the attention span of a goldfish -- nutty, right?) 

So if the first line on your page is a snoozefest, your chances of converting them to a sale are shockingly low. Duh.

Your hook sets the stage for the rest of your sales page. Keep these three goals in mind when you’re writing your hook:

1. Grab the attention of the right audience

2. Get them to stop their scroll

3. Spark curiosity so they keep reading

There are tons of formulas to help you create an exciting or curiosity-provoking hook. Keep in mind that the end goal is to speak to both the problem your ideal customer is facing as well as the result they ultimately want.

Here are some common and effective formula templates:

1. <Achieve most desirable outcome in a specific time frame> WITHOUT <their biggest pain point>

Ex: “Confidently create a gorgeous sales page in less than a week WITHOUT

spending thousands of dollars on a team to do it for you.”

2. Are you ready to <insert desired outcome they’d love to achieve>?

Ex: “Are you ready to stop living your life on autopilot?”

3. Learn the skills, strategies, & tools you need to <outcome they desire>

Ex: “Learn the skills, strategies, & tools you need to build a thriving business.”

The idea is to really tap into the pain your potential customers have and how you can solve it. Then use these templates as a starting point to be on your way to an awesome hook!

#2: Paint the Problem 

It’s really not creepy to get into your customers’ heads and enter the conversation that’s already going on there.

If they’re experiencing a problem in their lives or businesses, that issue is already top of mind. By addressing this directly, you’re leading with empathy and creating a bridge between where they’re at now (the pain) to what life looks like on the other side (the solution.) 

When done well, this is a powerful way to create loyal and engaged customers who will be scrambling to pull out their wallets because it’s such a no-brainer to buy what you’re selling. 

The more you can put yourself in your prospects’ shoes, the more you’ll speak their language and bust through their objections. 

You need to make the reader revisit their pain by painting a picture of their current situation. Tapping into the real frustrations and pain points they’re already experiencing will make them feel understood. 

Sure, it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  

But sometimes they need to remember the nightmare before they can live the dream.

If they aren’t in touch with the problem they’re experiencing, they can’t very well solve it, now can they?

#3: Step into the Future

Ahhhh . . . the promise of relief is here. Those pesky problems are about to fade away. 

This is where you get to do a little future pacing by having them imagine what life looks like after they’ve bought what you’re selling. 

It’s time to do a little daydreaming and show them the kind of insanely good life they’re about to be living. Give them the hope they crave that they can do this . . . with you by their side.

Try asking questions in your copy like, “Can you imagine what it would feel like to have clients coming to YOU without you having to hustle 24/7?”

Or, “How would your business be different if you could close sales without feeling scammy . . . or like you have to jump over a million objection hurdles?”

After your question, you can list the benefits they’ll get from working with you to really drive home the good stuff. (Bullets work really well for this.)

#4: A Powerful USP (Unique Selling Point)

You’re not the only one looking to do business with your target market, you know. So it’s crazy important to give people reasons to buy from YOU and not one of your competitors. 

Chances are there will be many other offers out there that are similar to yours. So you have to be crystal clear about why you’re the different, BETTER choice. 

Maybe you have a patented formula or a process that is completely opposite from the way the mainstream market is doing things. Or maybe your approach is so unique to you that people know it was your rockstar creation the moment they lay eyes on it. 

You can directly point these things out in your copy, using language like “Here’s how < product name > is different from other products.” Or “< Offer name > is the first of its kind that not only teaches you < x > but also < y >.” 

Celebrate and revel in how you are different! This will attract your ideal customers who resonate with your awesomeness.

#5: A Killer Call To Action (CTA) 

There’s no reason your CTA has to be generic and expected. We’ve all seen “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” a million times . . . but that doesn’t mean they’re the best options.

Generic calls to action are so 2010. Instead, make sure it’s unique, matches the tone of the sales copy, and clearly spells out what people are raising their hands to.

In 2020 you can get creative with the copy you put on the actual button. 

You need a CTA that’s fire and makes your reader trip all over themselves to press the purchase button. Hallelujah! Can I get an AMEN?!

For example: “Take me to the goodies NOW!” Or, “I’m ready to rock this!”

Writing sales copy is a bit of an art. Words are free but kick-ass assembly isn’t. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution for your sales pages, look no further. 

Check out our sales page copy products here or drop us a line at to learn more. 

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