February 17, 2023

Case Study: How we delivered a 14X ROAS, and generated 180 new sales with just 1 Short Facebook Ad!

Case Study: How we delivered a 14X ROAS, and generated 180 new sales with just 1 Short Facebook Ad!

THE GOAL: Provide high-converting Facebook ads – fast – to increase sales for multiple businesses in the health services niche.  

Our client is a marketing automation expert who specializes in client acquisition solutions to help health professionals scale. 

When she came to Moxie, she needed a quick and easy solution to amplify her clients’ lead generation while she redesigned their launch funnels.

Through her agency, she brought us 2 clients struggling to make their FB ads profitable. The first, a vision and eye care specialist seeking to book more appointments. And the second, a licensed psychotherapist launching her trademarked neuroscience healing course.   

Her number one concern before we got started? That copywriters understand the health & wellness industry. (And of course . . . that the ads perform.)

Done. And done.  

OUR APPROACH: Convert cold traffic into sizzling leads (and sales!) with compelling top-of-funnel ads. 

Although each of her clients is in the professional health space, their respective practices are unique. Plus, there’s a lot of noise in this niche to compete with – and stand apart from.

Our first step was to pair each of her clients with a member of our in-house copywriting team who excels in the specific skillset needed – from copywriters who get the distinct expertise of optometrists, therapists, and trauma-informed coaching.

From there, our team of copywriters and editors dove into creating ads that capture the distinct voice of each health professional to connect with their ideal target audience. In addition to creating compelling copy, our team crafted irresistible Facebook headlines and hooks to capture attention – and action.

Plus, given the nature of health-related services, our team crafted copy to ensure compliance (and keep them out of FB jail, or worse).

Time was of the essence. Our client was positioning her clients to re-launch their services and courses. This is when our quick turnarounds and high-quality expertise kicked in.  

Our standard delivery time is 3 to 5 business days, so our client could generate more leads for her clients immediately, without paying extra.

In our client's words . . .

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for fitting me into your busy schedule.”

Not only did our copywriting agency deliver the power of lead gen ads fast . . . without any back and forth need for edits . . . we delivered instant results. 

THE RESULTS: Clients 5X’d their bookings and made 180 new sales within 3 months – from one, short ad.

Success! Each respective client scaled their business with more booked appointments and more sales . . . with just 100 words or less.

AND we delivered a 14X ROAS.

Client 1: Vision & Eye Care

In less than 100 words (84 to be exact!), this client 5X’d their bookings for eye exams. Before Moxie’s FB ad, this new practice had 1 lead and 0 appointments booked through their DIY copy. 

After using Moxie’s copy, they generated 6 leads and 5 appointments booked. Now that’s a 20/20 vision for scaling their practice.

Client 2: Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist

In just a few powerful words, our ad copy generated 180 sales. Plus, the ad received an average 1.37% CTR (click-through rate) – returning a 1.02% higher CTR than the industry average.

And we didn’t stop there! We also created a second, short retargeting ad. This ad achieved an average 14.07 ROAS – with a ratio of link clicks to all clicks well above 50%.

Our secret sauce? The Moxie team nailed the intricacies of neuroscience language in laymen’s terms – in a tone that’s authentic to the coach and resonates with her ideal audience.

This is the feedback our client shared: 

“My client was over the moon with the copy. In her exact words, she said, ‘you guys get me!’ This was the BEST feedback, as it means you took the time to really understand my client and the audience she wants to serve. So happy!”

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